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Wildplum is three functions in one organization. We're a record label, a recording studio, and a remote recording service. The record label and recording studio specialize in acoustic-based music, from singer/songwriters through chamber orchestras. The record label presents new acoustic artists who are West Coast based.
The remote recording service provides on location recording for a wide variety of music forms, from strictly acoustic artists (we've done many recordings at popular acoustic venues such as the Freight and Salvage, the Palms Playhouse, and the Noe Valley Ministry) to full on rockers such as the Edge, the Pulsators, and Box Set (at venues such as the Fillmore, the Great American Music Hall, Ashkenaz, and the Mystic Theatre).

Demo Policy
Wildplum is a somewhat unusual label in that it operates more like a producer's label than a major. By that we mean, first, the Head Plum is directly involved with each project and, second, we don't buy finished product or contract with so-called "lending companies" to provide product (a common industry practice).
The Head Plum engineers and usually produces (or co-produces) each project we undertake. Our budgets are small and this helps keep the costs down (production and enginerering services are not charged to the project), as does recording in our studio (studio costs are not charged either) or at remote locations when that seems best for the project.
But our direct involvement also means that we only take on projects that we really care about. These recordings are as important to us as they are to the artist. That is one of the things which makes Wildplum special.
(Another thing we look for when we take on a project is a commitment to performance; in this neck of the music world, most CDs are sold at the artist's performances, popular opinions about the nirvana of distribution not withstanding. Hence, stage presence and touring are also important considerations.)
We are a west coast acoustic label. That means all our artists are based on the west coast of the US. We welcome demos from artists such as: singer/songwriters, folkies, folk-rockers, roots types, bluegrass bands, small jazz groups, and chamber ensembles, etc.
If you think Wildplum might be the type of label you are looking for, we'll be happy to listen to your demo or attend a live performance.




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